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A physician's viewpoint on cigarette advertising


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The smoking rate of teenagers remains alarmingly high. We are losing the war for the hearts, minds and bodies of many of our teenagers in regards to cigarette smoking. It makes no sense to allow the aggressive marketing of tobacco, a substance that if discovered today, would never be legalized because of the associated health risks.

Percentage of high school seniors smoking in the past 30 days:

1990       29.4%

2000       31.4%


High School Student Smoking Frequency

What percentage of U.S. high school seniors smoke?  Answer


Has teenage smoking decreased over the past ten years?.  Answer

High School Student and Tobacco Addiction

What % of students who smoke regularly wish they could quit?  Answer


Only 5% of daily high school smokers thought they would still be smoking in 5 years. What percentage of students were still smoking 5 years later?  Answer


How much smoking does it take to become addicted?  Answer

Cigarette Advertising Directly Appeals to Our Nation's Youth

How do cigarette ads appeal to our children Answer


Can cigarette ads be directed at 18-20 year old age group without appealing to our nation's youth. Answer


Are cigarette advertisements killers?  Answer *

Smoking from a physician's perspective.

A cardiologist's personal testimony.  Answer


How do cigarettes increase the risk of cardiac arrest and stroke?  Answer


How do cigarettes cause physical addiction?  Answer


How much does cigarette smoking increase the risk of heart attack? Answer


How can tobacco advertising be most effectively regulated?  Answer is Below

A Partial Remedy: Placing tobacco under FDA jurisdiction.

Tobacco is the only legal substance that if used as recommended, leads to overwhelming negative health consequences.  It is truly time to stop the madness of allowing this potentially deadly substance to be marketed. Even advertisements that allegedly target only young adults will always have an inherent crossover appeal to our teenagers, since adulthood is exactly what our teenagers desire to achieve. Sadly, the tobacco addiction that develops in our teenagers today, leads unavoidably to an increased risk of stroke, heart attack, lung disease, and cancer in their future as adults.



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